Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonial: Gila Mimbres Community Radio


IMG_3082_Jamie_VS_2010-1124On behalf of Gila/Mimbres Community Radio (KURU 89.1 FM), I’d like to share how much we appreciate The NonProfit Resource Group!  NRG has been responsive to our requests for information and advice, assisting the station’s organizational development and fundraising approaches.

We hired NRG to draft a business plan, which was instrumental to our successful effort to secure donations and loans for the purchase of a state-of-the-art transmitter that enables the station to broadcast reliably at 10,500 watts, and thus carry our signal across a large region with at least 45,000 potential listeners.

NRG’s sliding scale fee structure made that expert service possible for us. Based on positive experience over a period of several years, Gila/Mimbres Community Radio is an enthusiastic supporter of the NonProfit Resource Group, and we look forward to their continued support and expertise.  

 – Jamie Newton, Chairman, Gila/Mimbres Community Radio


Case Study: Life Quest


Life Quest Inc. provides services to children and adults with – or at risk for – developmental disabilities in southwestern New Mexico. Founded in 1973, the organization has been through many changes as it pursues its mission to help clients live as independently as possible and become integrated into the community. LQ Pic

Low reimbursement rates, coupled with high overhead expenses and increased federal and state regulatory requirements, contributed to severe financial challenges. Board members, while inspired by the organization’s mission, were struggling to engage and unsure how to provide effective stewardship to the organization. Though the organization had identified five clearly stated strategic goals, there were no metrics in place to measure progress and no clear plan to achieve those goals.

NRG Approach

In December 2014, Life Quest contracted with the NonProfit Resource Group (NRG) to conduct a planning retreat for board and management with the intent of updating Life Quest’s existing strategic plan. However, it soon became apparent that Life Quest would be better served by a vision-based planning process. Over the next few months, Renée Despres, an NRG senior consultant, conducted a detailed strategic planning process, including an environmental analysis, revision of mission, vision, and values, and identification and prioritization of key goals and objectives. With her guidance, the board re-evaluated their strategic priorities, established measurable metrics, and identified key performance indicators they could use to assess progress toward goals.


Life Quest continues to strengthen its governance, management, and infrastructure with ongoing support and guidance from NRG. Key results include:

  • The organization developed and began implementation of a comprehensive three-year strategic plan;
  • Deepened board commitment and understanding of board member roles and responsibilities; and
  • Commitment to board empowerment training.

“With the help of NRG, I now have a solid strategic plan in place with clear activities and accountability, and our board members are more engaged,” says Debra Frasca, who became Life Quest’s new CEO when Evangeline Zamora retired in October 2015 after 12 years at the helm. “I’ve learned so much about nonprofits and the key structures we need to thrive in spite of external fiscal realities.”

Frasca envisions a strong, financially viable organization that is able to meet the needs of its clients while increasing wages and employee benefits.

“My aim is to create an organization that is able to pay better wages and improve our benefit package,” she said. “I feel confident that by continuing to work with NRG, we will be able to maximize efficiency and be the best organization possible. They are nonprofit experts who partner with us to help make our vision a reality.”

More Value Added

NRG also helped Life Quest renew its state contract, and provided expert grant writing assistance. In 2015, NRG helped Life Quest secure $50,000 in funding from private and public sources for facilities improvement and community outreach, including development of a public “parklette” that will include a Mimbres Region Arts Council Youth Mural celebrating area youth, and a Little Free Library open to all.


Testimonial: Western New Mexico University Museum


As the Director of Western New Mexico University Museum I am highly aware of how vitally important a strong nonprofit sector is to the overall quality of life, health and vitality of our community. The Non-Profit Resource Group, led by Lisa Jimenez, is an incredible resource for nonprofit capacity building here in Grant County, and throughout New Mexico. CABettison 122015a-2Their nonprofit expertise helps charitable organizations, and cultural organizations and institutions function at the highest, most effective and efficient level possible, which ensures that they will be able to continue providing the myriad human, social and cultural services that our community depends on.


I rely on Lisa’s grant writing experience to help me develop the most compelling case possible to funders, both public and private. Curbside consulting, which is staffed by Lisa, is an excellent resource for anyone writing a grant. I find that an external appraisal of my grant drafts by Lisa helps me clarify phrasing, place emphasis on particular facts presented, and ensure that all the tiny (or big) editing mistakes are caught and fixed—all of which is critical to submitting a well-written proposal, increasing the likelihood that it will be funded.


I highly recommend The Non-Profit Resource Group to anyone working within a nonprofit organization.  In addition to the many free services and support they provide to the nonprofit sector overall, their consulting services are available on a sliding fee scale to Grant County nonprofits, making them accessible to even the smallest organizations. We are very fortunate to have them here in our community.

- Dr. Cynthia Ann Bettison, Ph.D., RPA, CMO

Director, Western New Mexico University Museum


Testimonial: Literacy Link Leamos


I would like to thank The Nonprofit Resource Group (NRG) for generous and thoughtful help with our organization over the years.   NRG has helped Literacy Link – Leamos a number of times, particularly when I’ve appeared on a Wednesday morning for free Curbside Consulting.


picture of Central kids with books

Most willingly, Lisa Jimenez provided advice and wisdom to guide me in my research and thinking.  She helped me understand the legalities and distinctions between contractors and employees.  She has often encouraged and provided direction to my grant research.  And, the NRG helped us with a much-needed website update, and connected us with one of their graphic artists who is an NRG consultant. And the best part is that we were able to hire the consultant on a sliding fee-scale, which made the work affordable.


We very much appreciate the supportive assistance from Lisa Jimenez and the Nonprofit Resource Group, and highly recommend their services.  Thank you very much!

Caroline Baldwin


Literacy Link – Leamos


Testimonial: Silver City Public Library

The Silver City Public Library contacted the NonProfit Resource Group (NRG) in October 2014 for assistance with conducting a comprehensive community needs assessment to inform our strategic planning process.  The first step was a facilitated Nonprofit Organizational Capacity Assessment (NOCA), which was a very useful process for showing board members and staff both our strengths as well as the areas that we need to improve.

Then we contracted with NRG to develop a community-wide survey, which was disseminated throughout Grant County. With NRG’s expertise, the library was able to develop a survey tool and a strategy for reaching a large segment of our community.  The number of completed surveys we received was more than double the number we received in our 2011 community survey.

In addition, the NRG provided the expertise to fully analyze our survey data and create a highly professional, but accessible report for the public and our key stakeholders.  The information has already proven valuable in determining how to maximize our resources to meet community needs.

With the community needs assessment complete, the library is looking forward to working with NRG on the next phase of our planning process – strategic planning.  We highly recommend their services.

Eileen Sullivan

Director, Silver City Public Library