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The Nonprofit Organizational Capacity Assessment (NOCA) is the first step in any capacity building journey. It serves as a crucial baseline, as a starting point for strategic planning, and as an important conversation among leadership.

Our NOCA tool, developed and refined over many years of working with nonprofits, provides a comprehensive overview of an organization’s capacity in the areas of leadership, organizational development, programs, and community engagement. It also calculates scores for adaptive, innovative, advocacy and collaborative capacities, crucial for the sustainability of any organization today. Our coalition capacity assessment tool, or COCA, measures leadership, structure and practices, activities and outcomes, community engagement and racial equity.

Unlike most other capacity building providers, The Nonprofit Resource Group does not charge for assessment, or oblige your organization to buy our services, books or classes. The assessment is always administered by a trained professional to a team of organizational leaders, and is a two-hour process. To schedule your free assessment, contact our office, (575) 597-0035 / email: or Susan Wilger, (575) 0039597 or email:

Attention Grantmakers: Cohort assessments are available at affordable rates. Contact us for details.

Trainings and Workshops: Check out the current schedule by clicking Learn! on the menu bar.

Curbside Consulting: Contact us directly with your technical assistance needs, or come to our FREE Curbside Consulting, available by appointment at 301 W. College Ave. Suite #16, Silver City, NM. We offer free access to our Foundation Directory Online, for help with grant research.

Strategy Consulting: To find out more about our comprehensive consulting services and philosophy, see our consultant directory.

Resource Library: In addition to our online Resource Library, we also have a library in our offices where non-profit organizations may check out books on a wide array of key topics of interest to charitable organizations.