Workshop offers tools for successful meetings

Building consensus with a room full of people with diverse backgrounds and conflicting agendas can be tricky. Meeting facilitators are challenge to give everyone a chance to speak, and feeling comfortable to do so, while making headway through an agenda. To accomplish this feat, facilitators need a repertoire of practical tools to support participants, resolve conflicts and guide groups to success.

The upcoming workshop, “Practical Tools for Facilitation” offers tried and true methods for helping groups think, talk and work together. The workshop is part of the calendar of trainings presented by the Nonprofit Resource Group, a program of the National Center of Frontier Communities.

The workshop is facilitated by Alisha Herrick, MPH, CHES. Herrick is trained in the Technology of Participation (ToP) method. ToP methods teach facilitators how to focus conversation, build consensus and plan actions for positive outcomes. Herrick was recently named as the coordinator for the New Mexico Public Health Institute.

Herrick said, “This method helps recognize and honor contributors, pool individual contributions and welcome diversity while minimizing polarization and conflict. It helps give the facilitator a structure so the group can accomplish more than they believed possible.”

This interactive workshop is intended for new or seasoned facilitators who want to develop or improve their facilitation skills.  It provides participants with fundamental facilitation tools and a structured process that can be applied to any type of facilitated session, whether it is a staff meeting, planning session, community-based meeting, or a brainstorming session.

Herrick said, “The Technology of Participation method can be used at any kind of meeting that you want to be meaningful and productive.”

“Practical Tools for Facilitation” workshop is scheduled for Thursday, May 25, 2017, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Hidalgo Medical Services Silver City Community Health Center’s Community Room, 1007 N. Pop Street in Silver City. The workshop is $25 per participant. Limited seating is due to the interactive nature of the workshop so registration is required.

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