Photography is vital to nonprofits

That picture you passed up is better than a thousand words, because it could net you 10,000 views on your nonprofit’s social media sites and garner unfathomable support and donations for your cause. All this and more can be accomplished with a single picture. But, you have to take the picture.

In this Technological Age with everyone brandishing a smartphone, it is hard to believe anyone hesitates to take a picture. But the people that most hesitate are the people that should be snapping the picture for prosperity. That means you, nonprofit person!

Photographs are invaluable to your outreach, recording your efforts and most importantly, supporting your cause! On social media a picture is worth more than a few words, it catches the eye, slows down the scrolling and gives you that extra second to catch the viewers’ attention.

Chute and Digiday study discovered that visual content on social media platforms like Twiiter or Facebook, on average, performs 4.4 times better than text-based content alone. Now think how personalizing that content with the faces of your community increases your outreach.

Photographs also are the most engaging type of content accounting for 85% of content that is commented on by viewers, and the most shared type of content. The same statistics holds true for Google+, Pinterest, SnapChat (of course), LinkedIn and, also unsurprisingly, Instagram, the app exclusively founded on the smartphone. All these facts proving once again that images have become the universal language.

To assure nonprofits get that perfect picture, we have invited Erika Cox to teach our next brown bag training. Cox is a multifaceted artist with forays into graphic design, acting, entrepreneurship, body work and business. She is sharing tips and tricks on how to use your smartphone so you can take the best quality photographs to use on social media to promote your nonprofit.

So register today for this free training on Wednesday, June 21, from noon to 1 p.m. in College Street Plaza Suite 5, located at 301 W. College Ave. in historic Silver City. (Want to see the importance of a picture? Search the hashtag #SilverCityNM on Instagram.)

For more information call NRG at (575) 597-0035 or email Or click here for our full NRG Training Calendar.


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