NRG Learning Circles receive funding

Friday, July 28, 2017; Silver City, NM:  With support from the McCune Charitable Foundation, the Nonprofit Resource Group (NRG), a program of the National Center for Frontier Communities, will launch a new opportunity for rural and frontier nonprofit organizations. Our LEARNING CIRCLES allow nonprofit directors, board members and others to engage in dynamic conversations to support them in their organizational roles.  Learning Circles are designed to accomplish three goals: (1) to build constructive, engaged peer learning around challenging topics; (2) to enhance leadership skills, and (3) to form new, coordinated alliances. The content is customized  to attain participants specific goals. Leaders can attend one or all four sessions, which include:

  • Lessons Learned About Being a Successful Fundraiser
  • The Best Things to Do to Build Nonprofit Leadership
  • How to Make a Good Board into a Spectacular Board
  • The Top 10 Things That Make a Great Nonprofit

Each of the four 90-minute sessions will take place in Silver City, Las Cruces and Deming from August 2017 through January 2018. To foster participant engagement and discussion, seats are limited to 15 people per session; participants can attend in-person or remotely via video conference. 

“The learning circle concept was sparked by feedback we received from nonprofit leaders through its annual survey, trainings and focus groups,” said Susan Wilger, Executive Director of the National Center for Frontier Communities and one of the learning circle key developers.

Wilger adds, “Nonprofit leaders in rural and frontier communities often work in isolation. The Learning Circles provide them with a free and convenient way to connect with, share and learn from their peers who are facing similar challenges.” 

The NRG is dedicated to providing comprehensive, expert capacity building services to the nonprofit sector, particularly in underserved and under-represented rural and frontier communities.  Since 2008, NRG has offered custom-tailored services designed to help nonprofits operate efficiently and effectively, so that they may continue providing the myriad services that are so vital to the region’s health, well-being and quality of life.

Other NRG services include:

For more information, including the Learning Circles training schedule and registration, please contact Susan Wilger at (575) 597-0039 or email:  Visit NRG online at

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