Effective Leadership

Now more than ever, effective leadership is an absolute necessity to organizational success, yet many boards of directors and executive staff fall short of their full potential.

Take a look at this partial list of effective leadership.  Does your nonprofit measure up?

  1. The Board plays an active role in developing and regularly reviewing the strategic plan.
  2. Board member attendance at meetings is at least 80%.
  3. Board members have a clear understanding of their legal and fiduciary responsibilities, and understand their role in relationship to that of the executive director.
  4. The board regularly participates in resource development activities.
  5. Board members annually assess the performance of the executive director.
  6. There is a process in place for board member performance assessment.
  7. The organization has an executive succession/transition plan in place.

To help build upon your organizational leadership and realize your mission, NRG services include:

  • Leadership assessments (Free to Grant County nonprofits)
  • Board member coaching and development, including effectively engaging board members
  • Strategic planning
  • Board member recruitment and retention
  • New board member training
  • Effective team building
  • Evaluating Board/Team performance
  • The “Working Board” and the Executive Director: How to Manage this Key Relationship for Optimum Effectiveness
  • Trainings and workshops. Check our calendar for details.

For more information, contact: (575) 597-0035 or NRG@frontierus.org