Stéphane Trustorff Luchini

Stéphane Trustorff LuchiniStéphane Trustorff Luchini, Transformative and Restorative Conflict Intervention Consultant

Stéphane provides consulting services for organizations seeking to create social environments in the workplace that reduce conflict and increase connection among its members.  He is currently applying his 12 years of experience in mediation and restorative justice to help schools and workplaces incorporate restorative practices into their communities which build capacity to solve conflicts, create positive relationships and respond to harm in a way that provides healing and accountability.

His capacity building approach integrates: training and mentoring of mediators, facilitators and restorative practitioners; consulting on design and implementation of restorative practices and transformative conflict management systems; and providing direct services in cases of chronic or complex conflict.

Stéphane founded a non-profit organization that provided restorative justice services, and designed and implemented restorative justice and restorative practices programs across a variety of private and public sector organizations.

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