Community Engagement

Effectively engaging your community and the market your organization serves, is vital to the long term success, sustainability and vitality of your nonprofit.

Is your nonprofit effectively engaging your community? Take a look at this partial list of the elements of an effective community engagement.  What’s missing from your community engagement strategy?

  1. A marketing and communications strategy that utilizes the appropriate tools to reach key audiences.
  2. Effective collaboration with appropriate partners at the local, state and federal levels, including cross-sector collaboration with key business and public partners.
  3. Active volunteers.
  4. Development and dissemination of an annual report to key stakeholders.
  5. An advisory board or other opportunity to solicit input from key audiences served.

Need help to address the gaps? Give NRG a call today.  We can help!  Here is a sample of our community engagement services:

  1. Strategic Communications Planning, including:
  •  Identifying and working with key internal and external audiences
  • “Brand” development
  • PR and Marketing/Social Media
  • Market analysis
  1. Annual Report Development and Dissemination
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey Development and Analysis
  3. Cultural Competency Training
  4. Advocacy Training and Plan Development

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