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Tips for retaining and recruiting board members

Tips for retaining and recruiting board members

Can we be honest? How well does your nonprofit board function? Do you have high board turn over or trouble keeping board members involved? Or are you a new board member and unsure what is required of you? If you are a seasoned board member, does it feel like you are micro-managing or uncertain if your nonprofit is meeting itsContinue Reading

Workshop takes nonprofits beyond the boardroom

Nonprofits are navigating a time of immense need from the communities they serve, while pursing ways to build long-term viability in the toughest of economic times, according to the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s most recent State of the Nonprofit Sector Report. The analysis says for rural nonprofits the task is more daunting as they report aContinue Reading

Is your Nonprofit Board Organized for Effectiveness?

I just spent an hour on a webinar sponsored, in part, by The Nonprofit Quarterly, a must-read publication for any nonprofit leader. The webinar was about new concepts in nonprofit governance, and featured the research and extensive knowledge of David O. Renz, PhD., director of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, He is the authorContinue Reading