Workshop takes nonprofits beyond the boardroom

Nonprofits are navigating a time of immense need from the communities they serve, while pursing ways to build long-term viability in the toughest of economic times, according to the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s most recent State of the Nonprofit Sector Report.

The analysis says for rural nonprofits the task is more daunting as they report a 76 percent increase in demand for their services while facing funding gaps due to the extended economic recession. At the helm of these rural organizations, navigating between financial needs and community demands, are the boards of directors who are usually volunteers donating their time to the greater good.

Workshop facilitator, Susan Wilger said, “Nonprofits are critical to the health and well-being of New Mexicans. We are so grateful to the nonprofit Boards and Executive Directors who carry out the missions of nonprofits.”

The first NRG workshop of the new year is tailored specifically frontier and rural nonprofit board members, “Beyond the Boardroom: What Boards Should Know and Do to Create a Thriving Nonprofit Organization.” The four-hour workshop is scheduled for Thursday, January 12, 2017, and costs $25 per participant.  Registration is required.

Wilger will facilitate the workshop with organizational development consultant Renée Despres, PhD, MPH. Together the two have 50 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector administering and advising organizations to reach optimum effectiveness.

Despres said, “Strong organizations need strong boards, and that takes knowledge, work, and dedication. A strong board is the ‘wind beneath the wings’ of the executive director and the entire organization.”

Wilger adds, “Nonprofit board work is not easy. The workshop will give board members and directors tools, resources and information that allows them to realize their missions more easily and to have meaningful and sustaining impact on those they serve.”

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