Tips for retaining and recruiting board members

Can we be honest?

How well does your nonprofit board function? Do you have high board turn over or trouble keeping board members involved?

Or are you a new board member and unsure what is required of you? If you are a seasoned board member, does it feel like you are micro-managing or uncertain if your nonprofit is meeting its mission?

An effective nonprofit requires a partnership between the board and the executive director/coordinator. Nonprofit Resource Group (NRG) knows the complex interactions this effort entails and to aid in the effort is offering a brown bag training, “Recruiting and Retaining Board Members,” on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, from noon to 1 p.m. at their headquarters in Silver City, NM.

At the brown bag, NRG Consultant Renee Despres will share strategies, tools and resources for boards members and executive directors to better define their roles and open the lines of communication. The brown training is offered at no cost, but due to limited seating registration is required.

If you can’t make the brown bag training, here are a few tips to recruit and retain board members:

  1. Create a board job description. This document let’s potential board members know what is expected of them and reminds existing board members of their requirements. Is there an expectation of a yearly donation? Is chairing a committee part of the expectations? Do board members have to volunteer a certain amount of time? Let them know in this handy description (also NRG suggests to keep it to a page).
  2. Develop an orientation process. Even an hour or two of education for new board member on your nonprofit’s efforts and by-laws can make the difference between an aware board or an uninformed board. Take the time to make new board members comfortable with the organization, introduce them to key staff and lead volunteers, and refer them to where they can access more information if they need it.
  3. Outline policies on board involvement. Boards are meant to “guide” nonprofits to achieve their efforts and bring resources and talents to aid the cause, not to mirco-manage staff. A nonprofit’s by-laws should clearly outline the board powers and limitations. Take time to review the by-laws with new board members. By-laws should also be annually reviewed, and amended as needed, to keep all board members appraised of their roles and responsibilities.

Need more ideas to keep your board members engaged and informed? Come to the NRG Brown Bag Training.

Click here to register for our upcoming Brown Bag Training: Recruiting and Retaining Board Members.

For more information call Nonprofit Resource Group at (575) 597-0035 or email To view NRG’s full schedule of events please click here to visit the National Center for Frontier Communities Eventbrite profile.

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